Tax and National Insurance can get a little confusing. But, no matter whether you are employed, self employed, or looking for work, this section explains the basics of how personal taxation works in the United Kingdom.

The categories below provide a brief overview of what each section contains. You will find much more advice and information by clicking through to the appropriate topic.

HM Revenue and Customs

A section explaining how to report changes to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The topics include making appeals, the complaints process, and how to get help with taxation.

The advice and information in these sections provides further details on:

Income Tax

Learn more about the current tax rates and allowances. Further information explains tax codes and how to get a refund on your taxes.

National Insurance

The NI section explains how to make voluntary contributions and how National Insurance credits work.

Self Employment Tax

You may be wondering… but yes you can claim benefits even if you are self employed. You may qualify for many of the usual welfare benefits and tax credits (in some cases).

The self Assessment section provides help and advice about filing, the deadlines, and how to make payments.