How Do FEPS Centres Review Benefit Claims?

The primary function of Fraud and Error Prevention Service centres is reviewing benefits claims. This section explains what to expect if a FEPS centre contacts you and how to check whether a claim review is genuine.

One of the Fraud and Error Prevention Service (FEPS) centres may want to conduct a claim review if you are getting (either):

Information Required for FEPS Centres

In most cases, staff from the FEPS centre will ask you to provide information about your income and savings. They may also ask you several security questions, including:

You will get further guidance from the FEPS centre explaining when and how to provide the information they require.

Note: Fraud and Error Prevention Service centres used to be called Benefit Integrity Centres. You can have your benefits stopped if you fail to give them the information they ask for (within a specified time frame).

How to Check if FEPS Claim Review is Genuine

Checking Letters and Forms

Letters and forms sent by FEPS centres display either the Jobcentre Plus or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) logo.

You can check whether one of the FEPS centres is checking your claim for benefits by contacting your local Jobcentre Plus branch, if it is for (either):

  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)

What if you are getting Pension Credit? In this case, contact your Pension Centre to confirm whether a FEPS centre is checking your benefits claim.

FEPS Telephone Calls

It is not uncommon for a FEPS centre to contact you by telephone. If so, they will ask you some security questions (used to confirm your identity).

They may ask you for the name of your bank – as part of the identification process. But, FEPS staff will never ask you to provide your bank account number or sort code.

Text Messages from FEPS Centres

The FEPS centre dealing with your claims review might send you a text messages as a reminder to:

  • Return certain documents or forms to their office.
  • Provide them with information about a change in your circumstances.

If you get a text message from one of the FEPS centres it will display the phone number as either “Jobcentre +” or “Jobcentre Plus”.

Note: Text messages are for information purposes only. There is no need for you to reply to their text message.

How to Appeal a FEPS Centre Decision

You can lodge an appeal if you disagree with, or dispute, a decision made by any of the FEPS centres.

The letter you receive from them will provide extra information on the process for appealing a Fraud and Error Prevention Service centre decision.

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