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  • Becoming an Appointee for Someone Who Claims Benefits
    Becoming an appointee for someone who claims benefits means you would have the legal right to deal with their claim. Once appointed, you will be able to manage their financial affairs – such as if the claimant is severely disabled or mentally incapable of doing so themselves. The person appointed to act on behalf of […]
  • Benefit Payments if You Go to Prison (or Remand)
    The information in this section explains what happens to your welfare benefits if you go to prison or get placed on remand in the United Kingdom. In fact, many of the same outcomes also apply if someone in your family (e.g. your partner or child) ends up serving a prison sentence. So, if you are […]
  • Can I Get an Advance on My First Benefit Payment?
    Are you a benefits claimant in financial need (e.g. cannot afford to wait for the first installment)? If so, you may qualify for an advance on your first benefit payment. The advance benefit payment is for people who have already made a first time application, but are struggling to wait for the first payment. In […]
  • DWP Penalty Policy for Benefit Overpayment
    This section explains the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) fixed rate penalty policy for benefit overpayments and how it occurs as a result of claimant error. Some of the common benefits that the DWP penalty policy applies to under the legislation for being overpaid, include: Bereavement benefits Disability Living Allowance Employment and Support Allowance […]
  • How and When are Benefits Paid?
    This blog post explains how and when your benefits are paid. The comparison table also shows the payment frequency for social security benefits and allowances. The UK Government does not pay out benefits, pensions, or child maintenance payments in cash. In almost all cases, your benefits will be paid straight into a secure account (such […]
  • How Do Benefits Calculators Work?
    Benefits calculators can help to ensure you don’t miss out on financial aid. Because, performing a simple benefits check highlights exactly what kind of welfare support you can claim. So, once you know how benefits calculators work, you can use them to work out what assistance and social security you’re entitled to. The help you […]
  • How Do FEPS Centres Review Benefit Claims?
    The primary function of Fraud and Error Prevention Service centres is reviewing benefits claims. This section explains what to expect if a FEPS centre contacts you and how to check whether a claim review is genuine. One of the Fraud and Error Prevention Service (FEPS) centres may want to conduct a claim review if you […]
  • How Do I Contact My Local Jobcentre Plus?
    Contact your local Jobcentre Plus office if you have an enquiry about new benefit claims, an existing benefit claim, or if you want to change or cancel an appointment. But, what should you do if you don’t know how to contact your nearest Jobcentre Plus? The easiest way is to search online using your postcode […]
  • How Do I Get a Prescription Prepayment Certificate?
    If you live in England you may be able to get a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC). In most cases, buying prescription prepayment certificates from the National Health Service (NHS) could save you money. You can buy a three (3) or a twelve (12) month prescription prepayment certificate. A prepaid PPC would cover all the medical […]
  • How to Appeal a Benefit Decision?
    You can make an appeal to the independent Social Security and Child Support tribunal if you don’t agree with a benefit decision. This help guide explains what will happen at the hearing and the process for getting a decision. The Social Security and Child Support Tribunal is impartial and independent of government. So, the tribunal […]
  • How to Challenge a Benefits Decision?
    What does it mean ‘asking for DWP mandatory reconsideration’? In simple terms, it means you disagree with a decision made about your claim for benefits, child maintenance, or tax credits. Hence, it is the official and correct way of asking one of the government departments to look at your case again and to ‘reconsider’ or […]
  • How to Get a Support Visit for a Benefit Claim?
    In some cases, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) officers can provide support visits to claimants who need some help to claim their benefits. The information in this guide explains how to get assistance from the DWP Visiting Team and what will happen when they contact you (e.g. at your home). First of all, it […]
  • How to Report a Change in Circumstances
    People who claim welfare benefits need to report a change in circumstances – if and when it happens. In fact, reporting changes in your circumstances is the best way to ensure you keep getting the correct amount of benefits. Furthermore, the benefits office can stop or reduce your payments if you fail to report a […]
  • What Happens to Benefit Fraudsters in the UK?
    This article explains what will happen if you are suspected of committing benefit fraud. Also, you can check which benefits CAN and CANNOT be stopped and what happens to benefit fraudsters if convicted in the United Kingdom. So, what exactly is benefit fraud? Benefit fraud is the intentional act of claiming benefits that you do […]
  • What Happens to Benefits When in Hospital
    The information in this guide explains what you should do if you go into hospital while you are getting social security benefits. If you will be hospitalised, even for only one night, the office that pays your benefit needs to know about it as soon as possible. Typical examples of what you must report to […]
  • What is a DWP Compliance Officer Home Visit?
    Getting a DWP home visit to check your benefit payment can be a little unnerving – especially if you don’t know what to expect. You should also know how to check whether the visitor is bona fide (genuine or not). This help guide explains what happens during a home visit by staff members at the […]
  • What is Benefit Overpayment?
    Benefit overpayment is a phrase used a lot by claimants (e.g. if they get overpaid) and by various government departments. So, how do benefit overpayments happen, what responsibilities do you have as a claimant, and how do you make a repayment to DWP Debt Management? As a claimant, you must inform the office that deals […]
  • What is the Benefit Cap?
    First introduced in 2013, the benefit cap places a limit on the total amount of welfare benefits that most claimants of working age can receive. Hence, if you are older than sixteen (16), and not yet reached the State Pension age, you are likely to have your benefits capped. So, how does the benefits cap […]
  • What is the Payment Exception Service?
    The Payment Exception Service is for benefit claimants who do not have access to a bank or building society account (including credit union or Post Office card account). It is a simplified system that allows you to collect your benefits or pension payments from authorised PayPoint outlets located across the United Kingdom. Even so, people […]


  • Will Brexit affect My Benefits?
    The short answer to how will Brexit affect my benefits (at the time of writing this blog post) is nobody knows! There are still very few plans in place to deal with the decision of the British people wanting to leave the EU. In fact, very few of those ‘in control’ of the country thought […]