UK Benefits Guide

Budgeting Loans

A Budgeting Loan is an emergency handout for situations of unexpected hardship.

It could help you pay for some essential items at home (e.g. a fridge).

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PIP Benefit

Personal Independence Payment is for people with a long-term illness or disability.

PIP benefit continues to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

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Tax Credits

Tax credits can help to redistribute income for people who are getting a low wage.

Check how to manage Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

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Benefits System in the United Kingdom

The benefits system is going through an era of rapid change. We update this website on a regular basis to bring you current and accurate information.

More or less everyone has rights to benefits whether financial or other types. So, what benefits are available for YOU and what are YOUR rights to claim them?

Claiming your rightful entitlement to benefits and allowances is not scrounging. The government of the day has decided that these benefits are justified - and they want you to take them up.

Let's start with the basics:

The purpose of this website is not to explain how to work the system or cheat yourself into benefit rights. It is for people in genuine need and for those who have legal rights to benefits in the United Kingdom.

So, don't let the Government waste money trying to find the people who are entitled to welfare benefits, allowances, and grants. Be a good citizen - go ahead and claim the benefits rights that you are entitled to!

We will help you through the minefield of official jargon and red tape - or at least point you to someone who can.

Just don't abuse the social security system... please!

Note: The UK Rules oversees and manages all content in this website. It is an easy reference guide that explains all the essential topics about rules and regulations in the United Kingdom.

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