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You Have Rights to Benefits. Take them - Don't Abuse!

Updated 1st September 2016

More or less everyone has rights to 'benefits' whether financial or other types. Claiming your just  'rights to benefits' is not scrounging. Mostly, the government of the day has decided that these benefits are justified, and would like you to take them up. But, it should be well understood that this website is not about how you can work the system or cheat yourself into Benefits rights. It is for those in genuine need and who have rights to benefits in the UK.

Don't allow the government to waste money trying to find people who who are entitled to benefits. Be a good citizen, and claim the benefits that you have right to! We will try to help you through the minefield of official jargon, or at least point you to someone who can.  Just don't abuse the system please!

There are some very far reaching changes to the benefits system generally. Benefits rights information is the main aim of this website. If you feel that we are missing something then please contact us. 

For us with this website - it is an exciting and demanding time as we  try to sift the facts from the sound bites to ensure that you get all  the information you need for your rights to benefits.  The housing benefit legislation now seems beyond change - though doubtless there will be some tweaks to the legislation after the full political and social aspects are fully realised. 

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